The people of Kentucky don’t realize what an important role guns have in this beloved state. Guns are embedded in this state’s history, but sadly don’t get the recognition they deserve. Kentuckians do love their guns, whether they are hunting or shooting just for sport. Even though they use guns frequently, it just doesn’t seem like they understand the importance guns have in this state. To be a little more specific, the gun that has been a part of Kentucky since the beginning is none other than the rifle itself. The rifle has been with Kentucky from day 1. When Daniel Boone ventured through the Cumberland Gap there was only one weapon he chose to defend himself, his rifle.  The rifle isn’t exactly still used as a resource to get food as much as it used to, but it still plays an important role in this state. No longer are people shooting rifles to get food on the table, for now they shoot rifles for the love of shooting rifles. Shooting rifles has evolved from a game of sheer fun to a game of competitiveness. This sport has been recognized world-wide as an Olympic sport. Here at the University of Kentucky, the sport has grown from being a club sport to a nationally competitive varsity sport that recruits internationally. This university has shown a long history of excellence especially with last year’s national championship run. Most people would be concerned that our rifle team is better than our U.S Army team, but here in Kentucky, it is something we should cherish.  Most of our attention; however, has been focused on our basketball and football teams. They do deserve their credit but at the same time it’s very one sided. It’s obviously seen in the Kentucky Kernel where the headlines are dominated with day to day updates on the players and their next opponent. Unfortunately to find information on the Rifle team, you would have to dig deep within the University of Kentucky athletic website and other sources of media. With last year’s national championship and our current #1 ranking, you would think that the Rifle team would be getting more exposure.  It is true that they have gained some but not nearly as much as they deserve. If you ask around campus, a typical student would have zero to very limited knowledge on the sport or how they are doing this season. With shooting rifles being such a big part of the state of Kentucky’s past, you would believe that a typical student would at least know how they are doing. This is why shooting rifles deserves to be more publicized.  The rich history of Kentucky can’t be explained by just our basketball past but as a whole with the history of the rifle. We are all a family here as a Commonwealth and a Big Blue Nation. We need to support them as a state as we continue to show just what our Commonwealth has been built upon and who we are today.